Socratic Dialogue

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Socratic Dialogue by Mind Map: Socratic Dialogue

1. General

1.1. A problem is posed...

1.1.1. Socrates would seek the man that thought he was "wise" enough to deliver the answer.

1.2. Socrates' partner in debate is proved wrong...

1.2.1. He would find minor flaws in his companions definition and slowly begin to unravel it.

1.3. The debate ends...

1.3.1. Socrates and his interlocutor would agree that they were both ignorant on the subject and that they should continue looking for the "truth" together.

2. Thrasymachus

2.1. What is justice?

2.1.1. "Might makes right."

2.1.2. Strength Rulers were always the most well equipt in terms of both wealth and strength. Is beef the answer?! Thrasymachus uses the example that beef provides strenght and energy for many warriors which leads Socrates to ask if he (T), means that if everyone ate beef they would all have the same strength as the rulers.

2.2. Rulers make bad laws!

2.2.1. Laws are written to benefit the ruler, if there ends up being a mistake though it could be detrimental to everyone.

2.3. Dalemarchus says that Thrasymachus is wrong.

3. Euthyphro

3.1. What is holiness?

3.1.1. that which is loved by the gods. they love just actions but every god has their own opinion of what is just some things are loved by some gods but not by others

3.1.2. Is it loved because it is holy? Or is it holy because it is loved?

3.2. Service to the gods

3.2.1. Prayers only ask of them

3.2.2. Sacrifices only give back to them what they gave to us. Plus, by doing this does it mean that the gods need these things to be good?

4. Symposium; Diomita teaches Socrates

4.1. Becomes love of virtue

4.1.1. courage

4.1.2. temperance

4.1.3. prudence

4.1.4. justice