Arab women can't celebrate their birthday

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Arab women can't celebrate their birthday by Mind Map: Arab women can't celebrate their birthday

1. They believe that birthday is..

1.1. A pagan celebration

1.2. Is incorrect and usseless

1.3. A party which have no sense

2. Solutions

2.1. To show them how is this celebration, and help them to fight for their rights

2.2. Make a law from the United States in which says they most change this tradition and enjoy.

2.3. Make a course to help them to improve they esteem, in that way, they'll feel better to fight or, at least, to make a plan to start with this excellent custom.

3. Other

3.1. We can show to all arab oblation that is good this type of celebration, this is to make us happy

3.2. We can get together people from all over the world, and make a peaceful revolution to get the freedom for the arab women.

3.3. We can do a secretly party to them, in that way, they are gonna see how is to do this kind of activities and are gonna be motivated to change they life style.

4. In comparation to us

4.1. Can´t celebrate with their friends

4.2. Can´t get presents from their close contacts

4.3. Can't feel the love and happiness of this day.