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1. Growth

1.1. 3 Factors

1.1.1. Points Flow // How well the platform fosters the exchange and co-creation of value Gravity // How well the platform attracts participants, both consumers and producers Connection // how easily other can plug into the platform to share and transact

1.1.2. 3 Building Blocks The Magnet // The pull that attracts participants (incentives, reputation systems, pricing models, leverage of social media) The Toolbox // Opensource development, allowing others to plug into the system. Content uploading, and ability to contribute + share. The Matchmaker // Foster the flow of value by making connections between producers and consumer. Filtering noise over content.

1.2. Building

1.2.1. Content-First Content > Connect Easy content creation Launch as single-user products

1.2.2. Network-First Minimize signup friction Connect > Content Launch as multi-user products

1.3. New Success Fators

1.3.1. Growing the creator base

1.3.2. Strong curation models

1.3.3. Incentives

1.3.4. Creation of Widgets

1.4. User vs Customer

1.4.1. User Types Consumer Produces Contribution systems What are the means of contribution? How is this creative process easier than existing options? What is the curation model to separate content from the noise? Is there a democratic, equal opportunity way to the "top?" Are there incentives beyond self-expression? What is the strategy to convert consumers to creators?

1.4.2. Customer // Someone who pays Producer Paying for premium features or subsities Consumer Paying for product 3rd Party Advertisement

1.5. Removing Barriers

1.5.1. The Skill barrier

1.5.2. The Time/Effort Barrier

1.5.3. The Money Barrier

1.5.4. The Resource Barrier

1.5.5. The Access Barrier

1.5.6. Others? I am (x) who wants to do (y) but can't because of (barrier)

1.6. Questions to consider

1.6.1. Can we co-create value? Connect with other businesses? Existing markets?

1.6.2. Do we have "early adopters" and "mainstream"

2. Market

2.1. System

2.1.1. The Problem 엏떤 일을 해야되는데, 시간 이 업다, 기술이 업다, 아니면 (또는) 의지가 업다.

2.1.2. Pipe 광고 TV 신문 전단지 광고판 소문 인터냇 방문 우연히... 동내사람들....

2.1.3. Optimization Portal (Naver/Daum) Internet access 114 No internet access Broker Digital (O2O) Anologue Emplyment

2.1.4. Platform Kakao? Freemoa

3. Phase Outline

3.1. PHASE 3

3.1.1. Economic of Communion Value added to society

3.2. PHASE 2

3.2.1. WHAT Educational opportunities to learn new skills and trade Employment opportunities for companies

3.2.2. WHO Individuals Professional Unprofessional Academies Academies which teach new manual labor skills can offer courses. Companies Companies who want to hire Companies who want to go on MT's

3.3. PHASE 1

3.3.1. WHAT (Objectives) Provide a trustworthy, quick, and cost effective platform to connect clients with skilled laborers. Rating system Award system Empower the community to better control the home improvement market by directly connecting the work with the workers. Create bidding system to create higher competition, no middle man. Social networking and rating system allows the community to help each other create a trustworthy and quality platform. To activate marginalized skilled workers: disabilities, age, racial minority, etc. Equal work opportunity regardless of condition of the worker. Social network and rating system puts focus back on work quality and cost. Create a social community where the focus is on human relationships, as much as it is on the "economics" Educate the general public with manual skills (Setting up for phase 2 transition)

3.3.2. WHO (Target) Skilled Workers Professional Unprofessional Marginalized Property Owner Owners who have "home improvement" projects (may range from very simple to very complex) who have...

3.3.3. HOW Mobile (Primary) Website (Secondary) Site Map Requirements 3 Plates Potential Domains Fairs & Conventions

3.3.4. Risks Market Research Gathering mass

4. Platform Scenario & Casestudy

4.1. Precedents

4.1.1. Airtasker Careers Product Designer Digital Designer Customer Experience Specialist Product Owner

4.1.2. Airbnb Careers Engineering Data Science & Analytics Finance & Accounting Business Development Customer Experience Design Employee Experience Information Technology Legal Operations Localization Marketing & Communications Photography Product Public Policy Research Talent Trust and Safety

4.1.3. Youtube Careers Engineering Product & Design Business & Operations

4.1.4. Instagram Careers Software Engineering Data & Analytics / Sales & Marketng Design & UE/UI Interns & Co-Ops Business Development & Partnerships Sales & Marketing Product Management Sales & Business Development, Business development & Partnerships Communications & Public Policy

4.1.5. Facebook Careers Advertising Technology Communications & Public Policy Information Technology Legal, Finance, Facilities & Admin People & Recruiting Security WhatsApp Building 8 Data & Analytics Infrastructure Oculus Product Management Software Engineering Business Development & Partnerships Design & User Experience Instagram Online Operations Sales & Marketing Technical Program Management

4.2. Users

4.2.1. Working married couple Consumer Producer

4.2.2. Elderly retired couple Consumer Producer

4.2.3. Single adult Single Mom Single Dad Widow Unmarried

4.2.4. Migrant Workers

4.2.5. Professionals

4.2.6. Students

5. New Topic