Socratic Dialouge

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Socratic Dialouge by Mind Map: Socratic Dialouge

1. General

1.1. The definition of the topic is given

1.2. Socrates finds a flaw and unravels the definition.

1.3. The opposer of Socrates admits that he is ignorant

2. Symposium

2.1. Diatima teaches Socrates of love

2.2. Starts with a love of physical things

2.2.1. Because a love of virtue, courage, temperance

3. Thrasymachus

3.1. Topic what is justice is brought up

3.2. Rulers make bad laws

3.3. Might makes right

3.4. Plemedus says that Thrasymachus lost

4. Euthyphro

4.1. The topic what is piety is asked because Euthyphro is on a trial against his father

4.1.1. Some things loved by some gods other not

4.1.2. The gods just love human actions Is it loved because it is holy or because it is loved it is holy Prayer doesn't benefit gods Sacrifice only way to give back to gods

4.2. Believes he is giving service to the gods