Socratic Dialogue

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Socratic Dialogue by Mind Map: Socratic Dialogue

1. Thrasymachus

1.1. rulers make bad laws

1.2. Polemarchus says Thrasymachus is wrong

1.3. what is justice?

1.3.1. might makes right

2. General

2.1. find flaws: unravel definition

2.2. admit ignorance

2.3. definition is given

3. Symposium- Diotima teaches Socrates

3.1. starts with a love of physical things

3.1.1. becomes a love of virtue: - courage - temperance - prudence - justice

4. Euthyphro

4.1. what is piety?

4.1.1. that which is loved by the Gods somethings loved by some Gods

4.1.2. they love just human actions

4.2. give a service to the Gods

4.2.1. sacrifices only give back to them

4.2.2. prayers only ask of them