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1.1. Community/Familial values

1.1.1. Maintaining trust and having good communication is key to the relationships I have with my parents. The importance of relationship management is reflected in my EQ test score, which I got a 7.

1.2. Personal Beliefs

1.2.1. yourself and others




2.1. Grattitude

2.1.1. I have learned that gratitude and resilience during moments of stress are connected. I can think of many examples of gratitude helping me through moments of stress. I must remind myself to be grateful of what everyone is providing to produce a working environment that pushes to challenge my abilities; instead of blaming someone, or a system, deeming it too difficult. This mindset helps me in my success, if I am able to be resilient, completing tasks become less challenging.

2.2. Wellness

2.2.1. Our perception of opportunities and difficulties can drastically change our happiness. Keeping a positive outlook whenever faced with moments of change will mean a person is resilient; someone who is able to recover and adapt effectively.


3.1. Leadership/IB profile

3.1.1. Open-minded. Balanced. Reflective. Risk-Taker Communicator. Knowledgeable. Inquirer. I demonstrated all the following during my week without halls trip: At the end of my trip, I gave thoughtful consideration of my own learning and experience. I usually assess my strengths and limitations.

3.1.2. NEXT STEPS: Thinker, Principled. As my EQ test also showed, i am not strong in mathematical intelligence. I believe knowledge of solving problems through logic is very important, and am working through this by observing how others with high logistical intelligence resolve issues. Mathematics are important, but so is Integrity and honesty. I stated in my familial values that a strong sense of fairness is incredibly important to me. I have still not reached a point where I am 100% happy with my honesty.


3.2.1. I relate with the characteristics of both INFP (introversion + intuition + feeling + perceiving) and EIFP (extroversion + intuition + feeling + perceiving)

3.2.2. Some descriptive words are; compassionate. pursues meaning and harmony. Creative. Idealistic/optimistic. Spontaneous. Adaptable. Quietly caring.

3.3. Personal Motivations

3.3.1. Some tests i have gotten back have re-motivated me. they have reassured me my interests are eligible career paths. An example of this from the Myers-Briggs test would be that even if I have previously established some personal characteristics for myself before, it is good to see some to have been confirmed. This proves that the person who I think I am is the real me, and not just someone i want to be.

3.3.2. The JVIS test have also given me plentiful and resourceful information to possible sub-categories of a field.


4.1. Involvement

4.1.1. I am currency involved with a few collectives. (magazines and websites) For one, I focus more on writing and editing, and the other, I am a contributing photographer and creative consultant.

4.2. Future involvement

4.2.1. the JVIS report suggests I strongly connect with the Creative Arts, Social Sciences, and Interpersonal Confidence. I am also highly connected with stamina, adventure and physical sciences which are areas I have never been interested in pursuing, but opportunities are always out there and I can keep these in mind while career planning.