Fashion In the 1960's

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Fashion In the 1960's by Mind Map: Fashion In the 1960's

1. Rockers

1.1. Motorcycles

1.2. Gelled Hair

1.3. Leather jackets

1.4. New node

2. Mods

2.1. Short for 'Modern'

2.2. Started off in London then spread to Australia, America and Europe

2.3. Centred around London's pop music/art/fashion scene

2.4. Slim fitting featuring bold geometric shapes

2.5. Basic style: Winklepickers, Buttoned shirts, Slim suits and Stovepipe pants

2.6. They replaced the colour of the 1950's (grey) with brighter colours

2.7. Vespa

3. Fabrics

3.1. Influenced by the moon landing and space exploration

3.2. New materials e.g. PVC, vinyl, polyester and plastic

3.3. Blended fabrics created e.g. manmade fibres mixed with natural fibres

3.4. Due to the animal rights movement, artificial fur was created including leather fabrics

3.5. Because of improved fabrics and mass production techniques, they gained more money at a cheaper price

3.6. Clothes were being discarded faster due to teens changing their trends, which went well with the above point

4. Hippies

4.1. Arrived in the late '60s

4.2. People opposed views on the involvement in the Vietnam War

4.3. Embraced values of love, peace and freedom

4.4. Started experimenting with drugs

4.5. Tried out Eastern religions

4.6. Rebellious style of dress

4.7. Lived in a group and wandered around a lot

4.8. Clothing inspired by non-Western cultures

4.9. Tie-dye and Natural fabrics

4.10. Made their own clothes

4.11. Beads and fringes

4.12. Bare feet/Sandals

4.13. Peace signs and flowers (major symbols of their movement)

4.14. Grew hair long