Fashion in the 60's

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Fashion in the 60's by Mind Map: Fashion in the 60's

1. Hippies

1.1. Ben sherman

1.2. Breasted Jackets

1.3. Tapered pants

1.4. Thinner ties

1.5. Fought with rockers

2. Fabrics

2.1. Indroction of synthetic fabrics

2.2. Caused controversy within animal rights community.

2.3. Decrease of pure materials - cotton, woool and increase in synthetic - polyester, nylon etc.

2.4. cSIRO Introducted a mateial which was a combination of wool and a synthetic element.

3. Mods

3.1. Men - Trousers and shirts & suits

3.2. Women - Short haircuts & make up

3.3. Mini skirts were sometimes worn

3.4. The 1960s ushered in an attitude of "anything goes" and reflected the shifting politics of the day.

4. Rockers

4.1. Leather jackets

4.2. Aviator goggles & white silky scarf

4.3. T-shirts

4.4. Leather caps

4.5. Levi or wrangler jeans

4.6. Leather trousers

4.7. Tall motorcycle boots