Looking Inside Cells

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Looking Inside Cells by Mind Map: Looking Inside Cells

1. Sail to the Nucleus

1.1. Nuclear Envelope

1.1.1. Notice that the nucleus is surrounded by a membrane called the nuclear envelope. Just as a mailing envelope protects the letter inside it, the nuclear envelope protects the nucleus.

1.2. Nucleolus

1.2.1. As you prepare to leave the nucleus, you spot a small floating object by. This structure, a nucleolus, is where ribsomes are made.

1.3. Chromatin

1.3.1. You might wonder how the nucleus knows how to direct the cell. Chromatin , contain genetic materail, the instructions for directing the cells functions.

2. Organelles In The Cytoplasm

2.1. Mitochondrai

2.1.1. Suddenly rod shaped structures loom ahead. These organelles are mitochondrai. Mitochondrai convert energy in food molecules to enegry the cell can use to carry out its functions.

2.2. Ribosomes

2.2.1. Attached to some surfaces of the endoplasmic reticulum are small, grainlike bodies called ribosomes. Ribosomes function as factories to produce proteins.

2.3. Endoplasmic Reticulum

2.3.1. As you sail father into cytoplasm

3. A Tour Of The Cell

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5. Enter the cell

5.1. Cell Wall

5.1.1. As you travel through the plant cell, you must first slip through the the cell wall.The cell wall is a rigid layer of nonliving material that surrounds the cells of plants and some other organisms.

5.2. Cell Membrane

5.2.1. After you sail through the cell wall,the next barrier you must cross is the cell membrane.The cell membrane controls the what subtances come into and out of the cell.