the origins of progressivism

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the origins of progressivism by Mind Map: the origins of progressivism

1. four goals of progressivism

1.1. protect social welfare

1.1.1. illinois factory act prohibited child labor

1.2. promoting moral improvment

1.2.1. saloons started serving meals to imigrants

1.3. create economic reform

1.3.1. workers embraced socialism

1.4. fostering efficiency

1.4.1. fredrick windslow taylor studied began using time and motion studies to improve efficiency by breaking jobs into smaller tasks

2. reform at the state level

2.1. reform governers

2.1.1. governers targeted big buisnesses

2.2. protecting working childeren

2.2.1. supreme court banned child labor

2.3. efferts to limit workers hours

2.3.1. bunting vs oregon persuaded the court to uphold a 10 hour work day for men

2.4. reforming elections

2.4.1. 1899 minnesoda passed the first manditory statewide primary system allowing voters to choose candidates

2.5. direct elections of senetors

2.5.1. gave americans a voice in choosing senetors and creating laws

3. cleaning up local government

3.1. reforming loccal government

3.1.1. council managers control over 250 cities

3.2. reform mayors

3.2.1. mayors focused on dismissing corupt private owners of utilities