Origins of Progressivism

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Origins of Progressivism by Mind Map: Origins of Progressivism

1. 4 Goals of progressivism

1.1. protecting social welfare

1.1.1. They Worked to soften harsh conditions of industrialization

1.2. promoting moral improvement

1.2.1. Felt that Morality, not the workplace, held key improvements to the lives of the poor

1.3. creating economic reform

1.3.1. As many wanted to change individual behavior, severe economic panic erupted and many start to question the capitalist economic system

1.4. fostering efficiency

1.4.1. Progressive leaders started to put their faith in experts in scientific principles to make the society and workplace more efficient

2. Reform at the state level

2.1. Reform governors

2.1.1. during this time the progressive republican leadership of Robert Follette, Wisconsin led the way in regulating big business.

2.2. Protecting working children

2.2.1. The number of child workers rose dramatically as reformers worked to protect workers and to end child labor

2.3. Efforts to limit working hours

2.3.1. The supreme court worked to have a more sympathetic view of the plight of workers

2.4. Reforming Elections

2.4.1. in some cases ordinary citizens won state reforms.

2.5. Direct Election senators

2.5.1. it was a success of the direct primary thatpaved the way for the 17th amendment to the constitution

3. Cleaning Up Local Government

3.1. Reforming local government

3.1.1. natural disasters sometimes played an important role in prompting reform of city governments

3.2. Reform mayors

3.2.1. in some cities mayors introduced progressive reforms without changing how government was organized