Origins of Progressivism

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Origins of Progressivism by Mind Map: Origins of Progressivism

1. The four goals of the progressive movement

1.1. protecting social wellfare

1.1.1. many reform programs were started to help aid the poor.

1.2. promoting moral improvement

1.2.1. Prohibitionists feared that alcohol was underminding American morals, so a ban was put on alcoholic beverages.

1.3. creating economic reform

1.3.1. Americans, espically those of the working class began to embrace socialism.

1.4. fostering effiiciency

1.4.1. Many progressive leaders put their faith in experts and scientific principles to make society and the work place more efficient.

2. Reform at the state level

2.1. Reform governors.

2.1.1. Robert M. La Follette served three terms as governor before he entered the U.S Senate in 1906.

2.2. Protecting working children.

2.2.1. Formed in 1904 the National Child Labor committee sent investigators to gather evidence of children working in harsh conditions.

2.3. Efforts to limit working hours

2.3.1. Oregon Law limited women to working a ten hour day.

2.4. Reforming elections

2.4.1. Citizens could petition to place an initiative.

2.5. Direct election of senators.

2.5.1. Before 1913, each state's legislature had chosen it's own United States senators. This put alot of power in the hands of party bosses and wealthy coporation heads.

3. Cleaning up local government

3.1. Reforming local government

3.1.1. After the hurricane in 1990, Texas legislature appointed a five member commision of experts to take over.

3.2. Reform mayors

3.2.1. Concentrating on economics Pingree instituted a fairer tax structure.