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1. Characters

1.1. Victor Frankenstein

1.1.1. The protagonist and narrator of the main story. Victor discovers the secret of life and creates an intelligent but grotesque monster. Victor keeps his creation of the monster a secret, feeling increasingly guilty and ashamed as he realizes that is difficult prevent the monster from ruining his life and the lives of others

1.2. The monster

1.2.1. The creation of Victor Frankenstein. Intelligent and sensitive he try’s to integrate himself into human social patterns, but all who see him shun him. His feeling of abandonment compels him to seek revenge against his creator

1.3. Robert Walton

1.3.1. The Arctic seafarer whose letters open and close Frankenstein. Walton picks the bedraggled Victor Frankenstein up off the ice .He records the incredible tale in a series of letters addressed to his sister.

1.4. Alphonse Frankenstein

1.4.1. Victor’s father, very sympathetic toward his son. Alphonse consoles

2. Plot

2.1. We can foreshadow, by the tone of the author and previous knowledge, that the main plot of the book is the problems Frankenstein faces with his beloved one because of his passion.

3. Summary

3.1. When the book starts we learn about how the author is a quiet man with few friends. When he meets victor he starts telling his story. Victor Frankenstein is a man that had a calm childhood surrounded by the people he loved the most, his family and girlfriend/best friend. When Victor becomes a teenager he starts getting interest in science and studies different scientist. He discovered electricity with the help of a scientist friend of the family. We can foreshadow that something bad is going to happen at a point and the beloved one would end up leaving him.