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Recycling by Mind Map: Recycling

1. 1. Educate for recycling

2. 2. Help in making people to actually perform recycling in home environment

3. 3. Communicate the benefits in recycling to the general public

4. In Swiss, one pays tax according to the amount of garbage he puts outside for collection. As more recycling occurs, the less tax the citizen pays.

4.1. This service can be designed according to the local government services. Small businesses can have for example less tax paying programs if more recycling happens in the business.

5. Applying Service Design method can help:

5.1. Education Journey

5.1.1. Starting at school - fun activities, explaining what is recycling and why is this necessary? To start with, a child's daily journey can be designed. (we'll start with a sample journey). Breakfast: Eating Yogurt - Yogurts come with a special bag that must be filled-in with Yogurts packages, once the bad is full, it is time to go outside and put it in the right trash-can. Teachers at school can use recycling examples when studying Math, Physics, etc.

5.1.2. Providing incentives for recycling

5.1.3. Making recycling as part of the daily routine at school and at home - teachers, parents and all others that comes in touch with the children should perform as an example

5.1.4. Educating for recycling in public places

5.1.5. Making the recycling a positive habbit

5.1.6. Making recycling as a must as well..

5.2. Home Recycling Journey

5.3. Recycling Info - Journey

5.4. The Benefit In recycling - Journey

6. 3. Provide constant information about the different recycled products