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Gen. Prin. Mult. Med. Writng by Mind Map: Gen. Prin. Mult. Med. Writng
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Gen. Prin. Mult. Med. Writng

Chapter 1

Tech/Pro Communication

Characterized as

Producing Tech/Pro Comm.

Workplace Problems/Rehtorical Problems


Various kinds of Doc.

HTW: Manuals 315, Reports 454, E-mail 162, Letters 301, Memos 328

New node

Chapter 2

Workplace problems

Rhetorical problems

Workplace writers

Exigency and Impetus

Purposes of Ducuments

Rhetorical Thinking


Expectations and Attitudes

Doc. used in diff. ways

Writers Credibility

Various Contexts and Contraints

Writers Meet Audiences Needs

Multi Audiences/Same Doc.

Chapter 3

Word Processors

Presentation Software

HTW: Presentation software 396-97, Microsoft PowerPoint, Corel Presentations, and Impress.

New node

Graphics and Imaging Software

Web-Authoring Software

Desktop Publishing Software

Help and e-learning

Single-Sourcing Programs

Technology and Collaboration

Internet Increases Efficiency

Technical Communications

Instant Messaging

Wireless Messaging

Video Conferencing

Future Workplace Writing

Chapter 4


Three Perspectives

Ethics and the Law

Ethical Choices

Widespread Circulation

Editing and Revising

Code of Ethics

Ethics and Technology

Environmental Ethics

Deceptive Language


Confirm all Info.

Chapter 5

Transnationl and Transcultural

Account for Nonnative speakers

Analyze transnational and transcultural audiences.

Learn about target language

Identify official national language

Language of world commerce

Language L/R directional flow

Level of technology in target countries

Machine translation software

Educational systems and approaches

Differences in laws and politics in target countries

Economic factors and perceptions

Religion in aspects of cultural life

Avoid stereotyping

Prepare doc. for translation

Localization, Internationalization and Globalization of Doc.

Chapter 7

Predrafting Straegies

Doc. purpose determines organization

Organizational Strategies

Tech. Doc. 3 parts

First write the body



Web page Introduction

Templates and Wizards

Chapter 18

Technical Instructions direct audience

Numerous Elements

Title and Title Image




Alerts identify

Equipment or Tool List

Parts List



Help Pages

Test for usability

Should suite audience and context

Chapter 8

Visuals, crucial problem solving Tools


Visual rhetoric





Line drawings


Clip art

Context-specific visuals

Screen v. printed visuals

Bitmap and Vector graphics


Use of color in doc.

Effectiveness of visuals

Add visual, revise doc.

Ethical representation of visuals

Chapter 9

Doc. layout and design

Doc. architecture

Elements of a doc.


Titles and headings


Headers and Footers

Lists, ordered and unordered

Length and spacing of lines

Line justification

White space

Physical properties of a doc.