Hans Rosling lectured to THINK Global School on October 22, 2015

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Hans Rosling lectured to THINK Global School on October 22, 2015 by Mind Map: Hans Rosling lectured to THINK Global School on October 22, 2015


1.1. He made me realize that my old teachers and schools provided me with a skewed worldview.

1.1.1. I felt anguish for those suffering and hopeful for the future.

1.2. My preconceived notions were challenged. Hans said "follow statistics not bias"

1.3. I enjoyed the way he used our knowledge to show us our own bias. Was a great way to showcase our own human ignorance.

1.4. Challenged the Western World view, and the realization of the future insignificance of the West due to population increase in Africa and Asia

1.5. Population in Japan, a lot more elderly than children in Japan. Questioning what I've been taught on population imbalance.

1.6. How my government of Qatar is planning for the future. They are looking forward and preparing to be the center of the world.

1.7. Religiousness and openness to others both developing in Ghana, but there is a trend to secularize as well ** (not sure I got this point right)

1.8. Population growth is similar everywhere, except for in the Cook Islands (2007) the population has halfed in less than ten years.


2.1. He understands the world really well. I want to find my passion like he did!

2.2. Envious of his calm demeanor when discussing issues of grand importance

2.3. I have a certain level of hope. Humans have achieved great success in improvement in a short time period, but that we must keep striving for more.

2.4. Hans said I am not an 'optimist' -- "when you are worried about something you look for the facts."

2.5. He explained such complex issues, like global population growth with such great ease and simplicity.

2.6. Respect for my mother in Ghana, about how successful she is in the world despite obstacles.

3. ACT

3.1. As Hans said, take these statistics and facts to help us formulate better opinions rather than our own biased preconceived notions

3.2. Hans made me want to go out and explore the world, and understand the way it works.

3.3. Our large scale problems have solutions, we just have to work together to overcome them.

3.4. Goal of achieving Hans' idea of creating a 'decent' life for all

3.5. Difficult issues in a simple way

3.6. I wanted research more about population.

3.7. Population controls are not going to work in India, if you force people everything will backfire. There will be riots and revolts.