Information System Development and Programming Language

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Information System Development and Programming Language by Mind Map: Information System Development and Programming Language

1. System Development (SDLC)


1.2. Planning - Review project request - Allocate resources - Form project development team

1.2.1. Project management Project scope Required activities Time estimates for each activity Cost estimates for each activity Order of activities Activities that can take place at the same time

1.3. Analysis - Conduct preliminary investigation - Perform detailed analysis activities: - Study current system - Determine user requirements - Recommend solution

1.4. Design - Aquire hardware and software, if necessary - Develop details of system

1.5. Implementation - Develop programs, if necessary - Install and test new system - Train users - Convert to new system

1.6. Operation, support, and security Perform maintenance activities Monitor system performance Assess system security

2. System development activities are grouped into phases, and is called the system development life cycle (SDLC)

3. System development should follow three general guideliines

3.1. Group activities or tasks into phases

3.2. Involve users

3.3. Define standards

4. Programming Languages and Program Development Tools

5. It is created by a programmer using a programming language

6. Generations of computer language

6.1. 1st Generation: Machine language

6.1.1. Only language the computer directly recognizes

6.1.2. Consist of a set of commands, represented by 1s & 0s

6.2. 2nd generation: Assembly language

6.2.1. Symbolic instructions codes

6.2.2. Source program contains the code to be converted to machine language

6.3. 3rd generation: Procedural language (3GL)

6.3.1. Instructions written by programmer tells computer what and how to do a task COB OI - useful for business C programming language - used to write many of today's program

6.4. 4th generation: Structured Query Language (4GL)

6.4.1. Enable users to access data in database

6.5. 5th generation: Logical Programming Language (5GL)

7. program development cycle