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Uluru Handback Room 16 by Mind Map: Uluru Handback Room 16
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Uluru Handback Room 16


October 26th, 1985

1900 - Aboriginal Reserve

1971 - Meeting in Ernabella

Traditional Names


Kata Tjuta

APY Lands


People who have contributed

Yami Lester

Aboriginal People - Anangu

Northern Territory Government

Federal Government

William Gosse

Sir Henry Ayers


Opposed by NT Conservative Government

People came from all over to protest

Banner flew over the Handback ceremony - Ayers Rock for All Australians

1985 - Handback

Yami Lester Represented pAboriginal people in protests

1977 - Pitjantjatjara Council met to discuss concerns

Government/ Group

NT Government

Aboriginal Peoiple - Pitjantjatjara Council

Federal Government


Aboriginal people from all over Australia

Quick Facts

Uluru - 863m above sea level

National symbol - icon

People came from all over Australia for the Handback ceremony

Events that have happened

1872 explorer Giles Kata Tjuta named Mount Olga

1873 William Gosse renames Uluru - Ayer's Rock

1900 Aboriginal Reserve

1940s - Ayers Rock and Mount Olga taken out of Aboriginal Reserve for tourism

1985 - Handback