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progressivism by Mind Map: progressivism

1. four goals of progressiveism

1.1. protecting socail welfare

1.1.1. protecting children from harmful work

1.2. promoting moral improvement

1.2.1. improving the lives of the poeple

1.3. creating econmic reform

1.3.1. creating new jobs

1.4. fostering effinciency

1.4.1. making lives and jobs more efficent

2. cleaning up local goverment

2.1. help with natural disasters and rebulid legeslative branches

2.1.1. natural disaster ruined towns in the u.s.

2.1.2. corruption ran rampid through the west

2.1.3. made fairer taxes for the citizens

2.1.4. cut down on greed of the private owners of utilities

3. reform at the state level

3.1. needed to improve the leaders,and protecting working children