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unit 2 by Mind Map: unit  2

1. the parts of nutrition: are the salivary glands,oesophagus,liver,larg intestine,anus,small intestine,rectum ,stomach and the pancreas.

2. nutrition: are the substances which plants and animals in order to live and grow.

3. The stomach: the role of the stomach is to break down food . It does this by using its strong muscular walls and excreting gastric juices which ix with the bolus and kill dangerous bacteria .

4. Nutrition

5. The nose and mouth:our sense of smell the triggers the production of saliva in our mouths .This help the teeth to crash the food is the first step ithe procces of digestion

6. The oseophagus: the tongue shapes the food into a ball called a bolus passes into the oesophagus ,which is a strechy tube that links of the bag throat.

7. The small intestine once the food is dissloved into a liquid ,it passes to the small intestine .Here it mixes with bile .

8. The larg intestine the waste that our body does not need passes to the large intestine.


10. THE BLOOD is de up of plasma red blood cells ,white blood cells and cell fragment called platelets. THE PARTS ARE plasma red blood cells,white blood cellas ,platelets,blood vessels ,veins and capllaries .

11. THE HEART is a hollow muscle which pumps blood through the body. THE PARTS ARE superior vena cava,right arterium,right vtricle,inferior vena cava ,aorta,pulmonary artery,left atrium,pulmonary vein and left ventricle.

12. THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM our cell need oxygen to combine with nutrients and to produce energy.

13. THE PARTS OF THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM ARE trachea, añveolus,bronchus,bronchiole and diaphgram . The air enters throught the nose and mouth.It passes the pharynx and then to the trachea or windpipe.

14. THE EXCRETORY SYSTEM elinates or excreats the waste products from our body .Our body excreates carbon dioxide , water a urine CONSIST f the urinary system and sweat glands.

15. Video:

16. THE PARTS OF THE EXCRETORY SYSTEM renal arteries,kidney,ureter,bladder,urethra. THE SWEATING our body also eliminates waste products throught the skin .