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1. Invisibility Factors

1.1. Invisible Abuse

1.1.1. unethical conduct of invisible operations what policies to institute? How to access the programs that lead to the operations Invasion of property&privacy Asses to confidential information Altering Removing

1.2. Invisible programming values

1.2.1. Biased services

1.2.2. Bugs

1.2.3. Implicit assumptions

1.3. Invisible complex calculations

1.3.1. enormous calculations Addressing ethical dilemma level of human trust

2. Definition

2.1. nature&social impact of computer technology

2.1.1. concerns of hardware

2.1.2. concerns of software

2.1.3. concerns of network

2.1.4. concerns of computer itself

3. Dimensions

3.1. Policy vacuum

3.1.1. use of computers personal policies social policies

3.2. Conceptual Vacuum

3.2.1. conceptual framework nature of computer program value preferences

4. Revolutionary Machine

4.1. Anatomy of computer Revolution

4.1.1. two stages of development Introduction stage last 40 years Permeation stage Nature & value of activities Transformation effect

4.2. Heart Of Computer Revolution

4.2.1. Enabling conditions Features Abudance Affordability Integral parts Newness smaller faster more powerful

4.2.2. Logical Malleability molding the logic of computers inputs outputs connected logical operations limits universal tool human creativity setting ethical policies in consideration of logical malleabilty fully understand &address Dimensions syntax Semantics