ROLE UI Requirements

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ROLE UI Requirements by Mind Map: ROLE UI Requirements

1. Must have

1.1. flexibility in scaling & layout of widget

1.1.1. Maximize a widget

1.2. widget store connection

1.3. pedagogical requirements

1.3.1. not showing all spaces at the same time (topic-tabs) - less distraction

1.4. Collaboration around an activity explicit through a set of widgets and a list of people participating

1.5. design some ROLE core tools

1.5.1. same interface

1.5.2. same look 'n feel

1.5.3. same level of intermediation

1.5.4. tools user profile editor navigation tool recommender

1.6. SingleSignOn (SSO)

2. Should have

2.1. relating the UI to skills/profile

2.1.1. advanced user <> flexible design

2.1.2. recommend the design like a PPIM slider

2.2. inspiration from the PLE-Conference videos

2.2.1. netvibes like widget adding

2.3. widgets don't depend so much on container (specific patform)

2.4. container/backend interconnections

2.5. ability to provide rating and comment on every widget

2.6. interface templates for certain tasks or usage modes

2.6.1. for Example: contemplation mode, customization mode etc.

2.7. SRL-Tool

2.7.1. group self-regulated learning tools

2.7.2. goal setter

2.7.3. self-reflection-tool

2.7.4. ...

3. Less important / nice to have

3.1. users love to customize!

3.2. tag cloud enabled search tool

3.3. start page

3.3.1. with activities list

3.3.2. spaces list

3.3.3. user profile