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cloning by Mind Map: cloning

1. Make an identically genetical organism through no sexual means

1.1. Insert gene from an organism into a vector (bacteria,cells)

1.2. vector is placed in laboratory condition to multiply

1.3. remove somatic cell from the animal to copy

1.4. Transfer Dna into an egg without DNA-containing nucleus

1.4.1. with a needle and inject it into the empty egg

1.4.2. electrical current to fuse the entire somatic cell with the empty egg.

2. Artificial Embryo Twinning

2.1. Twinning happens when the embryo is made of just a small number of unspecialized cells

2.2. Each half develops individually

2.3. The result is genetically identical

2.4. Twinning are placed in a dish and then in a surrogate mother where they finish developing

2.5. The resuls is the same

3. Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer

3.1. gene cloning

3.1.1. produces copies of genes or segments of DNA

3.2. therapeutic cloning

3.2.1. embryonic stem cells for experiments aimed at creating tissues to replace injured or diseased tissues Stem Cells cells remain in a dish in the lab

3.3. reproductive cloning

3.3.1. copies of whole animals Dolly the sheep in 1996 embryo is placed into the uterine