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Sam by Mind Map: Sam

1. Research

1.1. medical

1.1.1. visit URO

1.2. nutrition in families

1.2.1. Visit URO Priority: 4th

1.3. child development

2. Internships

2.1. Summer internships at Nationwide Children's Hospital

2.1.1. Nationwide HR:(614) 355-4146 http://www.nationwidechildrens.or

2.2. summer at Cincinnati children's hospital

2.2.1. Application submitted online

2.3. summer internships at any medical center with kids

2.4. Priority: 5th

3. Student Organizations

3.1. H2O Church

3.2. Alpha Epsilon Delta

3.3. Buckeyes for Ronald McDonald

3.4. College Mentors for Students

3.4.1. Online Application due Nov. 7th Priority: 1st

4. Service

4.1. Semester of Service

4.1.1. Wexner Medical Center fill out application online (due Nov. 15) Priority: 3rd

4.2. Buckeye Tutor Team at Nationwide Children's Hospital

4.3. H2O

4.3.1. Mission trip Haiti Romania Costa Rica Russia Contact: Mike [email protected] Priority: 7th

4.3.2. Community Engagement Fruit of the Vine food pantry Contact: Rhodie Shreve, 614.259.5441

5. Work

5.1. OA (freshman year)

5.2. Resident Advisor

5.2.1. fill out application online (due Nov. 20th) Priority: 2nd

6. Studying Abroad

6.1. May trips

6.1.1. Visit Study Abroad Office

6.2. STEP program

6.2.1. fill out on housing application

6.3. somewhere in Europe

6.4. Priority: next year