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DHCP by Mind Map: DHCP

1. Benefits

1.1. Reduce administrative effort by using automatic tcp/ip configuration

1.2. Reduce the time of configuring ip address if there is too many computers

1.3. eliminate common source of network problem

2. Functions

2.1. obtain IP address to client automanticlly

2.1.1. just by typing ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew

2.2. Ensure correct configuration information

2.3. Provide Default gateway

2.4. Provide prefer DNS

3. DHCP Scope

3.1. Reservation

3.1.1. Reserve a IP for a particular PC but requires Mac address

3.2. Address Pool

3.2.1. List of range address that is able to use

3.3. Address Lease

3.3.1. Lease duration default is 8 days

3.4. Reservation

3.4.1. For a particular PC that you wants to reserve the IP address

4. DHCP Option

4.1. Router

4.2. DNS Server

4.3. Domain Name

4.4. Wins Server

4.5. Wins Node Type

5. DHCP server

5.1. Save copy in the database

6. DHCP Client

6.1. OBtain IP address

6.1.1. save time to configure satatic

7. DHCP packet

7.1. Lease Renewval

7.1.1. DHCP DISCOVER 50 percent of lease duration has expire then sends a packet

7.1.2. DHCP OFFER reserves an IP address for the client and makes a lease offer by sending a DHCPOFFER message

7.1.3. DHCP REQUEST A client can receive DHCP offers from multiple servers, but it will accept only one DHCP offer

7.1.4. DHCP ACK 50 percent of lease duration has expire then sends a packet

8. Authorise

8.1. distribute Ip address to client

9. Unauthorise

9.1. IF its Unauthorise unable to issue IP address to client

10. Domain Controller

10.1. Check whether you have the permission to obtain IP address

10.2. Authetication


11. Active Directory

11.1. Allow autorization for DHCP

12. DHCP statistics

12.1. provide DHCP Activity anduseage

13. DHCP performance data

14. DHCP events

14.1. Log

14.1.1. Date and time of Event occurence

15. Scope Option

15.1. DNS Server

15.2. Subnet MAsk

15.2.1. what is the subnet mask you wan to put

15.3. Lease Duration

15.4. Default Gateway

16. DHCP Relay Agent

16.1. Forward DHCP packet