The ANZAC legend

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The ANZAC legend by Mind Map: The ANZAC legend

1. My Geistesblitzes

1.1. Check this out:

2. Why is it important

2.1. The war at Gallipoli was very significant to the history of Australia and the whole of the world. It is also important because it shows and makes rememeber the ones who risked their lives in the war at Gallipoli.

3. The legend

3.1. The legend is that the Australians and New Zealanders troops made a reputation through their strength and bravery throughout the fight.

3.2. But there is more

3.3. It truly made Austrlians proud

4. How it was created

4.1. Through the war of course

4.2. How?

4.2.1. Their strong characteristics trough tough times.

4.2.2. Like remaining happy and humorous through tough times.

4.2.3. Being very resourceful.

4.2.4. Risking your life for a mate.

4.2.5. Australian's courage.

4.2.6. Australian's also showed the same amount of respect for everyone.

4.3. All meanings of the ANZAC legend were named above.