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Gallipoli Campaign

The story about the Gallipoli Campaign has become a legend to be told.

A lot of lives were lost during this campaign

They failed in achieving victory for their mission

It happened at a time when Australia had only just become a federal commonwealth


ANZAC is an acronym for Australian & New Zealand Army Corps

Australian and New Zealand troops helped to establish their countries' reputations in the world through qualities of strength and bravery when faced with adversity.

The ANZACS have shown the world that Australia was a proud country

Australia had no military experience at the time

They wanted to earn the respect of the other nations around the world

The Soldiers

The remained to stay cheerful even in difficulty

They were able to produce their own resources

The spirit of mateship

They were proud to represent their own country

They respected each other


It reminds Australian to respect the soldiers who risked their lives to save them

There are still ceremonies for ANZAC

There is now ANZAC Day

The legend is being told everywhere including schools