Fashion in the 60's.

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Fashion in the 60's. by Mind Map: Fashion in the 60's.

1. Mods

1.1. Came from London.

1.2. Used many shades of black and grey.

1.3. All of them wore the same thing.

1.4. Everything was made in bulk.

1.5. "Modern" is what it stand for.

2. Rockers

2.1. Cool Long Hair.

2.2. Black Leather Jackets

2.3. Oily Hair

2.4. Sunglasses

3. Fashion Icons

3.1. Twiggy.

3.2. Janis Joplen.

3.3. Jacqueline Kennedy

3.4. Edie Seagdwick

4. Hippies

4.1. Came from America in the late 60s

4.2. Colourful Clothes

4.3. Soft Fabric