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MeatMen Market by Mind Map: MeatMen Market

1. Admin

1.1. Adds / Edits / Removes vendors

1.2. Manages ANY store that vendor has access to

1.3. Manages % commission on different vendors

1.4. Manages categories

1.5. Manages Frontend Banner Sliders

1.6. Manages Storewide promotion

1.7. Coupon/Voucher Management

1.8. Manages user account levels + perks

1.9. Panel of money earned/paid to vendors

2. Goals

2.1. To build an online marketplace for The MeatMen

2.2. Allow users to shop all types of cooking related items online

2.3. Grow our platform as the place to go for COOKING related items


2.5. Have a higher end tier curated section

3. Users

3.1. Links their account login with Facebook Connect

3.2. Views goods purchased

3.3. Apply coupon/voucher

3.4. Allowed different levels of membership

3.5. Access to user forum

3.5.1. More posts = higher points

3.6. Share their purchase on social & gain points!

3.7. Can register on newsletter (Mailchimp)

3.8. action lists to do to gain ellevel - make first 2 levels easy to access

4. Technology

4.1. Custom PHP Development

4.2. Non open source

4.3. Timeline 3 months

4.4. 30 / 30 / 40% payment

5. Vendors

5.1. Add / Remove their products

5.2. No removal of products until admin approves

5.3. Has to list down delivery cost and timeline

5.4. Profile Management

5.5. Has access to backend to view sales

5.6. Export sales into reports (PDF)

5.7. Promotion management

6. Data Farming (?)

6.1. Using purchase data to find out what our viewers buy

6.2. Learning about their cooking + shopping habits

6.3. Deep linking Facebook with our portal

7. Future

7.1. To wrap this into an application?

7.2. To link this to our premium content model

7.3. Notifications on deals

7.4. Cost of running - To think about how much we need to run this as well

8. Marketing

8.1. Email Marketing

8.2. Facebook Cross Linking

8.3. Working with Partners to roll out word of mouth