Scaffolding and Planning

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Scaffolding and Planning by Mind Map: Scaffolding and Planning

1. By: Jahmeyl Al-Hendi

2. Standard: 7.M.EE.B.04b Use variables to represent quantities in a real-world or mathematical problem, and construct simple equations and inequalities to solve problems by reasoning about the quantities.

3. Subject & Grade: 7th grade Math

4. Big Ideas: 1.Inequalities are two values that aren’t equal. 2. Inequalities can be used to model real -world situations in which more than one answer is possible. 3. Graphing an inequality gives you a visual model of solution set.

5. Objectives: Students will understand what an inequality means and be able to create inequality problems accurately. Students will be able to understand and solve real-world problems. Students will be able to graph real world problems on a number line.

6. Understand what an inequality means and be able to create inequality probems.

7. Manipulatives: Students use colored coins that represent positive and negative numbers. Each student gets a certain amount and then must pair with as many other students as possible while determining who has the greater amount of coins.

8. Manipulatives: If the students are not ready for this game, the same manipulatives can be used to understand positive and negative numbers. Students will play the "+ and - store" game. Pairs of students receive a worksheet with multiple integer problems on it. For each problem, the shopkeeper gathers the first integer worth of coins. Then the other student acts as the customer and orders +s or -s if its a subtraction problem or acts as a delivery if it is a addition problem.

9. Students will play the shopkeeper game, but attempt only positive problems. They will use a number line as well. If that works, then they can move onto negative problems.

10. Key Factors: Students are missing a lot of prior knowledge in my class. This school has a corrupt school board whose goal is to divert money into their own pockets and cut budgets to reduce property taxes. For many years, they have had a revolving door of staff and teachers. Some years, they have had substitutes work as teachers for the entire year, even though that is illegal. This has caused students to miss ENTIRE GRADES worth of material. They have gone entire years just doing random worksheets while the teacher slept. This means there is an exceptional amount of scaffolding that I have to do.

11. Graphing real world problems on a number line: Students will practice real world problems in their GoMath books. Module 5 has plenty of word problems that students can work on individually or in pairs.

12. Word problems

13. Number lines

14. If students do not understand the word problems in their math book, they will need to do some translation exercises. Students will receive a paper that highlights the common word to number translations. Students will then be able to use this paper on simpler word problems in order to get a handle on what to look for.

15. If students do not understand number lines, they will just need some one on one help. I will tutor the student to catch them up on how a number line works, while the rest of the class continues working on the word problems in their books.