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Government by Mind Map: Government

1. Government Functions

1.1. I want to learn how the state government works.

1.1.1. What are the day to day activities that a state politician does?

1.2. What tasks is a politician's staff in charge of?

1.2.1. I am interested in why politicians need such a large staff.

1.3. I would like to learn all the major roles of state politicians.

1.3.1. How does each politician's role contribute to society?

2. Political Campaigns

2.1. I would like to learn how political campaigns are organized

2.1.1. What are the laws that regulate political campaigns? How do these laws affect political campaigns?

2.2. I am interested about how political campaigns are financed.

2.2.1. How are campaign donations allocated?

2.3. How big of a role do volunteers play in political campaigns?

3. Government and our community

3.1. I want to learn how the local government deals with day to day problems in our community.

3.1.1. Who is in charge with deciding which solution is best?

3.2. I am interested in how the government enforces solutions in response to problems.

3.3. Who are the most important politicians in our community?

3.3.1. What are their roles in the government?

3.4. I am very interested in learning all the ways that citizens can become involved in government and politics.