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Freud by Mind Map: Freud
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This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Sucking & Feeding

Phallic Stage

3-6 Years

Phallus: The most important body part

Boys proud

Source of sadness and envy among girls

Psychoanalytic Theory

Childhood influences

Erotic Body parts

From infancy to Adolescence

Unconcious conflicts rooted in a childhood experience

Major development need and challenges

Affects how parents treat their children

The Oral Stage

All sensuous Pleasure

Mouth Oriented

Latency Stage

6-11 Years


Time when sexual energies are quieted

All psychic energies are spent on schoolwork and sports

Anal Stage

1-3 Years


Toilet Training

The Genital Stage


Genitals are the focus of all sensation

The young person seeks sexual stimulation and satisfaction in relationships


"Genital stage" Lasts all through adulthood

Healthy life:"To love and to work"