Post US Civil War

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Post US Civil War by Mind Map: Post US Civil War

1. Red Lining was created for "White" suburbs. They would create a map of all the Minority and Whites and label them with high value: Whites and Low Value=Minorities (African Americans)

2. "Jim Crow Law"= Anti Black, Mexican or anything non white. The denial of basic needs and rights. They were treated like 2nd citizen.

2.1. Jim Crow was created after the civil war ended by White southerners; who felt Free Slaves were not equal to Whites and they should stay inferior in society.

3. "Red Lining"=Housing inequality

4. White Negros and Smoked IrisWhite Negros and Smoked Irish

4.1. Irish Immigrants didn't view themselves as "White" they were grouped up with the African Americans

4.2. Jews defined as "White" in the U.S after WWII

4.2.1. This made them higher in society with employment, housing, schooling and treated like 1st class citizen

5. Spanish War

5.1. They became second class citizen on their won soil