Trip Planning

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Trip Planning by Mind Map: Trip Planning

1. Top Attractions

1.1. You can take help from travel planner websites for particular place attractions

2. Transpotation

2.1. Find out ways to get around particular place transportation

3. Tourist Crowd

3.1. You have to get idea for tourist crowd in particular place where you want to planning your trip

4. Food

4.1. Get an idea about best places to eat for that place.

5. Packing

6. Best Time to Visit

6.1. Take help from travel planner website they can give a best information about that

7. Budget

7.1. Calculate your budget for trip

8. Map

8.1. Have a map for particular place

9. Hotels



10. Trip Planner App

10.1. TripHobo

10.2. TripAdvisor