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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Electrical Energy

1.1. Energy associated with electrical charges

1.2. electricty of objects

1.3. Batteries, flashlights

2. Electromagnetic Energy

2.1. A form of energy that travels through space in the form of waves

2.2. Waves of energy, not always visible

2.3. Visible light, x-rays

3. Kinetic Energy

3.1. The energy of motion

3.2. energy when you're moving

3.3. Running, walking, Jumping

4. Mechanical Energy

4.1. Energy associated with motion and position of every day objects

4.2. Motion and position

4.3. Speeding trains, bouncing balls

5. Nuclear Energy

5.1. The energy stored in atomic nuclei

5.2. Energy in the middle of atoms

5.3. Nuclear power plant, atomic bomb

6. Potential Energy

6.1. Energy that is stored as a result of a position or shape

6.2. Stored energy because of position or shape

6.3. Stretched string, holding a book in the air

7. Chemical Energy

7.1. Energy stored in chemical bonds

7.2. Energy inside of chemical bonds

7.3. Burning wood, cars using gas

8. Thermal Energy

8.1. The total potential and kinetic energy related to motion

8.2. Kinetic and potential energy combined

8.3. Molten metal, fire