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Energy by Mind Map: Energy

1. Kinetic Energy

1.1. Energy of any moving object depends upon its mass and speed

1.2. The objects energy during movement

1.3. The formula is 1/2mv^2

1.4. An exmaple is when you are walking

2. Potential Energy

2.1. Energy that's stored as a result of position or shape

2.2. Energy that's stored while in a position

2.3. One example is when you play the chello

2.4. Another example is holding the ball at a certain higth

3. Mechanical Energy

3.1. Energy that's associated with the motion & position of everyday objects.

3.2. The sum of potential & kinetic energy

3.3. An example is bouncing balls.

3.4. Another example is athlets that are sprinting

4. Thermal Energy

4.1. The potential & kinetic energy related to the motion of the microscopic particals in an object.

4.2. Energy that comes from heat. This heat is generated by the movement of tiny particles within an object

4.3. Fast moving molicules heat up the object

4.4. Molten metal

5. Chemical Energy

5.1. The energy stored in chemical bonds

5.2. Energy stored in the bonds of chemical compounds (atoms and molecules).

5.3. Coal

5.4. Camp fires

6. Electrical Energy

6.1. Energy associated w/ electric charges

6.2. Helps us live

6.3. Lightning.

6.4. Batteries

7. Electromagnetic Energy'

7.1. 1: Travles through space in the form of waves.

7.2. 2: Ultra violet lights

7.3. 3: Galexies

7.4. 4: X-ray

8. Nuclear Energy

8.1. Energy stored in atomic nucli.

8.2. The energy released during nuclear fission or fusion.

8.3. An example is heat and light from the sun

8.4. Another example is nuclear power plants