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Joyful Productivity by Mind Map: Joyful Productivity
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Joyful Productivity

Redefining Success


Think long-term

Be an Essentialist

Do Deep Work:

Executive Toughness

Focus on Systems, not Goals

Success as Spiritual Growth

How to not fear "hard work"

We are here for the sake of each other

Build Your Integrity Daily

When You Encounter Setbacks


Your Ideal Schedule & "Time Buckets"

80/20 Rule -- try to eliminate 80% of your activities, and keep the 20% most effective, most fulfilling, and scale those...

Consciously design your morning routine:

Daily Reviews: start & end the day with a clean slate. Amazing psychological benefits, and clarity / lack of overwhelm.

Automated Scheduling

Practice Setting Appts with Self

A better relationship with your alarm

Time Logging

Use Timer For Time Suckers (manage your trances)

Pomodoro Technique

If I had more time, I would...

Ideas & Tasks

Thought Decluttering & Task Prioritization

Idea Capture System (your brain is not a storage device)

Slim List vs a To-Do List

Look at your task list daily, e.g. using Daily Reviews

Task Management Tools

Temporal & Physical Placeholders

Email Productivity

Using Google Drive

When Overwhelmed, what to do:


Getting better sleep

Eat healthier

More time in nature

Rhythms of Renewal

Micro-routines to help you enjoy work


Overcoming Overwhelm

Bless anything that annoys you...

Energy Awareness & Recovery

Reminders for Energy Awareness

Plug Up Energy Sinks

Increase Intelligence Via Daily Content Creation

Altucher's "Idea Machine"

Thought Replacement

Enjoying your work

When you encounter a "failure" or setback...

Virtual Co-Working


Use questions:

"Better than Before" by Gretchen Rubin:

27 Foundational Habits for Success: -- use a "habit waiting list"!

Epic List of Business Habits:

Affordable Outsourcing

For anything technical, design-related, content (writing, video, audio), or even keeping you accountable. -- how to use it: (previously called oDesk) -- how to use it:

Tips on hiring:

Be open to having volunteers help spread your message

Additional Productivity Tools

Desktop Productivity

Learn how to search better

Google Chrome Tools

Productivity skills for the 21st century:


Show my Google Keep Doc -- Numbers & Schedule

Clarify what my ToDoist folders are

Show my Ideal Schedule

Make it clear that since there's 44 working weeks (For me) that means I have 44 hours of Optimization each year... how many for rest of the year, and therefore what are the main projects?

Integrate other map (note for George)