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Investment Community by Mind Map: Investment Community
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Investment Community

Sydney University


Sydnovate is the commercial arm of the University of Sydney, Australia’s first university. Sydnovate is responsible for the protection, management and licensing of Intellectual Property developed at the University of Sydney. Sydnovate also facilitates the provision of research services and advanced professional services, such as consulting and testing, by the University of Sydney. Sydnovate offers a large portfolio of novel and exciting technologies. We invite industrial partners and entrepreneurs to collaborate with us in turning these technologies into useful and successful products that can contribute to society. Sydnovate also facilitates the provision of research, expertise and professional services to government and industry that cover the entire spectrum of modern science, technology, humanities and the arts. We encourage industry and government entities to utilise Sydney University’s advanced facilities and expertise. We operate in five units:  Technology Transfer Unit (TTU) – is responsible for marketing and commercialising the University’s Intellectual Property. TTU seeks out industry partners who are best placed to take advantage of these technologies, and negotiates the licensing terms to develop a mutually beneficial business relationship. We encourage government and industry partners to view our online opportunities portfolio Professional Services Unit (PSU) – is responsible for marketing and facilitating agreements for the provision of professional services to Industry and Government. For help with Research, Testing and Consulting Agreements please fill in this Professional Services Enquiry Form. Intellectual Property Unit (IPU) – managing the University’s intellectual property portfolio. Legal Services Unit (LSU) – providing in-house legal services to support Sydnovate’s business, particularly in the areas of intellectual property and commercial law. LSU has primary responsibility for drafting, negotiating and reviewing agreements on behalf of Sydnovate. Administration & Operations Unit (AOU) – providing financial and administrative services to support the activities of Sydnovate.

Project 1

Government Departments

NSW State

Australian Technology Showcase, Peter Gray

NSW Chief Technologist

Industry and Investment NSW

Innovation Australia

Ladys name

Federal Government

Department of Broadband, Communications and Digital Economy, NICTA


Spruson & Ferguson

Peter Dummer and Associates

Peter Dummer

Connection: Peter Dummer was formerly at Peter Maxwell and Associates

Griffith Hack

Griffith Hack (GH) is a major Australian Intellectual Property firm, comprising patent and trade mark attorneys, IP lawyers and information services. GH provides a full range of comprehensive IP services to many of Australia's leading companies. GH also acts for many overseas corporates, including many from the United States and Europe.


IPTA (The Institute of Patenet and Trade Mark Attorneys of Australia)

Patent and Trademarks

Davies Collison Cave

Davies Collison Cave (DCC) combines one of Australia's leading patent and trade mark attorney firms and Davies Collison Cave Law, the associated intellectual property legal practice. DCC is an integrated national firm with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Newcastle and Canberra. DCC specialises in the procuring, licensing, exploitation and enforcement of intellectual property rights, including patents, trade marks, designs, trade secrets, copyright, licensing and litigation. DCC advises a full range of innovators from individuals or SMEs to major Australian and international companies.

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Advisory Perspective Pty Ltd

Australian Distributed Incubator

Bio Innovation SA

Bio Innovation SA was established in June 2001 to accelerate development of South Australia’s bioscience sector.  Its mission is to enable the creation of 50 new bioscience companies and 2500 jobs by 2010. The Bio Innovation SA team works with the bioscience community using a synergistic approach to industry development focusing on a range of commercial activities. The team offers: High-level business development advice Assistance with managing and leveraging government grants Assistance with funding (from public and private sources) Assistance with product development and the regulatory process Infrastructure development support Access to research support and resources Marketing and communications services Bio Innovation SA also implements many unique initiatives to encourage collaboration within the bioscience community.

Cycam Investment Banking & Strategy Consulting

Divergent Capital



Integrated CFO Solutions Pty Ltd

MAP Venture Partners Holdings

Macquarie Technology Business Incubator

Playford Capital






Investment Companies, Intellectual Ventuires

ANU Connect Ventures

Alumni Groups

Stanford University, Member 1


NSInnovations, Team members, Projects

University of Queensland


Executive Headhunters

Law firms

Independent Inventors

Ric Richardson

216 Uniloc Patent


Angel Groups

Angel Investors Tas, Directors, Will Downie, Investments

Apollo 13 Angels

BioAngels Adelaide, Directors, John Bollard, Keith Potts, David Saint, Corinna Steeb, Investments

Brisbane Angels, Directors, John Mactaggart, Investments

Capital Angels Canberra, Directors, Nick McNaughton, Investments

Heads Over Heels, Directors, Alex Birrell, Sara Lucas, Sue Klose, Melissa Widner, Janet Menzies, Portfolio Companies, Braingauge, Posse, Customer Underground

Hunter Angels, Directors, Glenn Turner, Jeremy de Constantin, Grant Sefton, Peter Mayers, Neville Sawyer, Investments

Hunters Founders Forum

Innovation Bay Angels, Directors, Ian Gardiner, Phaedon Stough, Randal Leeb du-Toit, Investments

Melbourne Angels, Directors, Jordan Green, Mike Sewell, David Bennett, Investments

Sydney Angels, Directors, Vivian Stewart, Hamish Hawthorn, Andrew Stead, Richard Dale, Mathias Kopp, Investments, Posse, DriveMyCar, Heard Systems

SA Angels, Directors, Alan Noble, Jonathan Whalley, Michael Dilettoso, Mike Richards, Nick Foskett, Investments

Early Stage Investment Funds

OneVentures, Partners, Michelle Deaker, Paul Kelly, Anne-Marie Birkill, Investments

Proto Investment Partners, Directors, Jeremy Colless, Tim Heasley, Vivian Stewart, Funds, Sydney Angels Sidecar fund, Investments

Yuuwa Capital, Directors, Liddy McCall, Matthew Macfarlane, Investments, James Williams, iCetana

Uniseed, Directors, Peter Devine, Investments, BioParticle Technologies, Continara Limited, DendriMed Pty Ltd

Tasman Ventures, Directors, Todd Forrest, Investments, Posse, DesignBay, AppOvation, jobfox

Future Capital Development Fund, Directors, Dominic Carosa, Investments, Our Wishing Well, Domain Folio 1, SMSC

CapitalPitch Ventures, Partners, Emlyn Scott, Alan Beattie, Investments

Professional Investors

Chris Anderson


Life Sciences, Brandon Capital Partners, Directors, Dr. David Fisher, Dr. Stephen Thompson, Dr Chris Nave, Investments, Elastagen Pty Ltd, Fibrotech Therapeutics, Osprey Medical, Spinifex Pharmaceuticals, Signostics, Nanosonics, Stem Cell Sciences Plc, Sunshine Heart, GBS Venture Partners, Directors, Investments, Queensland BioCapital Fund, Directors, Cherrell Hirst, Investments, Terra Rossa Capital, Directors, Jurgen Michaelis, Nigel Hall, Tom Geimer, Investments

Broad Technology incl. information technology, clean tech, telecommunications, digital media etc., CM Capital, Directors, Investments, Four Hats Capital, Directors, Michael Hirshorn, Simon Uzcilas, Investments, NEO Technology Ventures, Directors, Investments, Netus (News Ltd Venture Fund), Directors, Daniel Petrie (Executive Chairman and founder), Craig Blair, Alison Deans, Investments, Allure Media, Buyster, Downstream Marketing, Our Deal, Switchwise, Southern Cross Venture Partners, Partners, Bill Bartee, Bob Christiansen, John Scull, Larry Marshall, Investments, Mantara, Liaise, Mesaplexx, RIO, Inc, Mocana Corporation, RMSS, Quantenna Communications, Starfish Ventures, Directors, John Dyson, Michael Panaccio, Investments, 5th Finger, aruspex, Audinate, Austhink, ausra, Ceram Polymerik, distra, Engana, Evostor, g2 Microsystems, holly connects, iCiX, ImpediMed, MIGfast, monitoring division inc, mimetica, MuriGen, Myriax, neuprotect, Ofidium, Protagonist, Qs Semiconductor, Quickcomm, Senviro, Space-Time Research, TeeleOstin, ZoomSystems

Information Technology, Allen & Buckeridge, Directors, Investments, Innovation Capital, Directors, Michael Quinn, Ian Bund, Fiona Pak-Poy, Roger Price, Investments, Technology Venture Partners, Directors, Allan Aaron, John Murray, Investments, Neo Technology Ventures, Directors, Brett Morris, Investments

Cleantech, Lend Lease Ventures

Recipient Companies

Uniloc Corporation

Uniloc USA

Uniloc Pte (Singapore)

zkimmer Inc

Peter Maxwell and Associates

Product Development, Innovation Partners


BCS Innovations specialises in the design and development of medical and high technology. We are experts in electronics design, embedded systems, telecommunications, prototyping and software/firmware development. Established over 12 years ago, our company has grown to 30 strong with engineers specialising in a variety of engineering disciplines. We offer turnkey solutions and can assist in any or all of the following processes: Feasibility studies and market research High-level design and planning Electronic design Embedded system design Software / Firmware design Medical device design PCB layout WEEE/RoHS compliance Product prototyping End of life redesign Short run Manufacture

Alchemy Innovation Development




Wholesale Investor