TLA Team Leader.

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TLA Team Leader. by Mind Map: TLA Team Leader.

1. ICX Auditor

1.1. Cannot be an ICX Member

1.2. Build the Audit Book - Quarterly

1.3. Monthly meeting with each ICX Coordinator.

1.4. Send reports to the ICX Team - Monthly

2. OGX Auditor

2.1. Cannot be an OGX member.

2.2. Build the Audit Book - Quarterly

2.3. Send reports to the OGX team. Monthly

2.4. Monthly meeting with each OGX Coordinator.

3. TM Auditor

3.1. Cannot be a TM member.

3.2. Build the Legal Audit Book - Quarterly.

3.3. Send Reports to the TM Team - Montlhy.

3.4. Monthly meeting with TM Coordinator.

4. Finance Auditor

4.1. Cannot be a Finance Member

4.2. Monthly meeting with VPF.

4.3. Send reports to the Fiscal Counsel and VPF - Monthly

4.4. Delivery the Finance Audit - Monthly.