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1. Work

1.1. Work is the product of the force and the distance over which the force is applied.

1.2. Formula: Work = Force x Distance

1.3. Units: Joules

2. Power

2.1. The rate at which work is done.

2.2. Formula: Power = Work / Time

2.3. Units: Watts

3. Mechanical Advantage

3.1. Mechanical Advantage is a measure of the force amplification achieved by using a tool, mechanical device or machine system.

3.2. Formula: MA = Input/Output

3.3. Units: None

4. Levers

4.1. 1st Class

4.1.1. A lever in which the fulcrum is positioned between the load and the effort.

4.2. 2nd Class

4.2.1. A lever in which the fulcrum is positioned at the end, with the work in the middle and the load at the other end.

4.3. 3rd Class

4.3.1. A lever in which the fulcrum is positioned at the end, with the load in the middle and the work at the other end.

5. Incline Planes

5.1. An inclined plane is a flat supporting surface tilted at an angle, with one end higher than the other, used as an aid for raising or lowering a load.

6. Wedge

6.1. Two inclined planes joined back to back.

7. Screw

7.1. An inclined plane wrapped around a shaft or cylinder.

8. Wheel and Axle

8.1. A wheel and axle has a larger wheel connected by a smaller cylinder (the axle) and is fastened to the wheel so that they turn together.

9. Pulley

9.1. A simple machine consisting of a wheel over which a pulled rope or chain runs to change the direction of the pull used for lifting a load.