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Internationalism-preparing students for practice: Globally and locally? by Mind Map: Internationalism-preparing students
for practice: Globally and locally?
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Internationalism-preparing students for practice: Globally and locally?

AMEE 2010 Pre Conference Workshop 12 by

Deborah Murdoch Eaton: Leeds

Tony Redmon: Manchester

Nigel Bax: Sheffield



Student 6th year

Interest in GLobal Health





Western Ontario

Global Health Office

Internationalisation is priority

New node


Former nurse

Working on medical curriculum

The Netherlands


Career advice

Monash University

Integrating Global health in curriculum


University of Michigan

Health equity

Global health


University of Milano

LEarn aboutInternationalism



Works on improving medical education

Interest in International relations


Student 2x

Faculty which has not much travel abroad activities

UK, Manchester


Medsin UK

Teaching Fellow Job



Global Health Education

Junior doctor


President of AMSA

Interested in Global health


UK, London

Cultural diversity internally

Content of internationalisation curriculum

Covering cultural differences


How to learn positive lessons from difference

Global migration


Global health

Community medicine


Global health


Director of medical studies

electives abroad

Conceptualization of the topic

Very diverse participants

Global and international = cultural experience


Final year electives, 8 weeks, much travel abroad

Many graduates work abroad

Questions to work on

What do you understand by "global health", In international practice at home/abroad, Religion, Language, Culture, Understanding different contexts, etc. -- not all minuted

What "global health" needs to be in the curriculum?, Does it need to be in?, Do all need to know?, Elective?

Small working group outcomes


Every single model some aspects

e.g. respiratory medicine, Wider context

Knowledge, Concepts related to local, national, global issues, in each course subject area

Systems way, e.g. asking about travel history in respiratory medicine, instead of solely case based

Behaviors, Thinking of wider global issues?, Assessment, Portfolios, OSCEs

Group 2


Communication skills

Not just a module: theme running through curriculum

Indigeneous populations

Assessment, Formative, What do you do with?

When going abroad, To which extent can the student learn, to which extent can the student contribute

British / Australian / Italian - group

Do students have to travel abroad during studies?

Group 3

Embed in evidence based medicine

earlier groups

"everybody has to do something", What's the host getting out of it?, Win-win, Teaching abroad, Underserved communities, Just a different context than home


Medicine seems to be lagging behind compared to other fields

We want to make real relations with institutions where our students go

We want more equal relations with our partners, Canada!, Very complicated, Requires lots of efforts

Group 4

Community based medicine in Thailand: much global health

Anything worth teaching is worth evaluating

It's hard: how to measure success