The Anzac Legend

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The Anzac Legend by Mind Map: The Anzac Legend

1. After Effect

1.1. Australians who went to this war is considered to be a hero to many Australians.

1.2. 25th of April is celebrated every year in Australia, as Anzac day, to commemorate the brave Australians who took part of the War.

2. Why is it important ?

2.1. Australia had only just become a federal Commonwealth.

2.2. Australia had no history of war, until this day.

2.3. This War showed the many nations that Australia together is a Strong country.

3. Qualities of a digger

3.1. He is Cheerful and has a good sense of humor, no matter what the situation.

3.1.1. New node

3.2. The Ability to use what they have.

3.3. Respect his 'mate', even sacrifice himself for him.

3.4. Courage

3.5. Respect of others, no matter what background.

4. What was the Anzac legend

4.1. The Legend of the Anzac's was the strength, bravery and sacrifice that they done to help make Australia proud. This is referring to Gallipoli war.

5. why is it called the Anzac legend?

5.1. The Anzac legend, was called an Anzac legend because of the events such as the landing on Anzac cove and the battle of Nek, which was where the Anzacs were being killed by the Turkish.

5.1.1. From What has happened, this is where the word "digger" comes from.