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Tea Pot by Mind Map: Tea Pot

1. make

1.1. Materials

1.1.1. Insulate Plastic Not metal

1.1.2. Mid range price

1.2. Manufacture Technique

1.2.1. Complex form Injection Moulding (Plastics) Hold electronics metal casting

1.2.2. High volume Injection Moulding

2. Form

2.1. Demographics

2.1.1. Elderly Traditional (assumed)

2.1.2. Japanese Traditional (assumed) Cultural influences

2.1.3. Independent living

2.2. Aesthetics

2.2.1. Modern (Partial) Clean smooth lines Electronics visible but not obtrusive

2.2.2. Traditional (partial) Must be recognisable as teapot Teapot shape Spout Lid Handle Water Pot Tea ritual

2.3. Size

2.3.1. Big enough to make tea for two Tea ritual

2.3.2. Space for electronics

2.3.3. Space for batteries

2.4. Ergonomics

2.4.1. Must provide safe operation Insulate Stable base Comply with standards seal electronics

2.4.2. Good Balance

2.4.3. handle Only used occasionally

3. Function

3.1. Brew tea

3.1.1. Tea ritual

3.1.2. Contain water Seal electronics

3.1.3. Allow pouring Handle Good balance

3.1.4. Allow filling Hot water Lid Water pot

3.1.5. Add tealeaves

3.1.6. Inform User When is tea ready? Timer function - temp trigger

3.2. Inform Others

3.2.1. Sense Useage Tilt Sensor Temp sensor

3.2.2. Transmit data Connect to internet Wireless link Electronics Low voltage (water) Seal electronics

3.3. Safe operation

3.3.1. Control temperature Insulate Steam safe Lid

3.3.2. Non-toxic

3.4. Allow cleaning

3.4.1. Large opening Lid

3.5. traditional use (criteria)

3.5.1. Tea ritual