Simple Machines

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Simple Machines by Mind Map: Simple Machines

1. Work

1.1. Is the product of force and distance

1.2. Work is when something is moved with force

1.3. lifting weights, moving books to your desk.

1.4. fXd=W

1.4.1. Joules

2. 1st class levers

2.1. Depending on the location of the fulcrum the mechanical advantage can be 1, less than one, more than one.

2.2. it can equal to 1 less than 1 more than 1

2.3. screw driver, seesaw , scissors

3. 2nd class levers

3.1. the output force is located between the input force and the fulcrum

3.2. output will be inbetween input, fulcrum

3.3. wheel barrow, ramps

4. 3rd class levers

4.1. the input force is between the output force and the fulcrum

4.2. oppsite of 2nd class

4.3. brooms, baseball bats

5. Incline planes

5.1. is a slanted surface along which a force moves

5.2. a slanted surface that does most the work

5.3. windy roads, ramps

6. Power

6.1. is the rate of doing work

6.2. power is the rate of doing work and how fast

6.3. snow blowers, cars

6.4. P=W/T

7. Mechanical Advantage

7.1. is the number of times that the machine increases an output force.

7.2. how much work something does for you

7.3. Nutcracker, ramp

7.4. MA= input/output

8. wedge

8.1. is a V- shaped object whose sides are two inclind planes sloped toward each other

8.2. a tool to seperate things

8.3. door wedge, wedge

9. screws

9.1. is an incline plane wrapped around a cylinder

9.2. a cylinder with lines surronding it.

9.3. screws

10. pulleys

10.1. is a simple machine that consists of a rope the fits into a groove in a wheel

10.2. a machine that picks things up

10.3. pulleys