Race in Latin America

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Race in Latin America by Mind Map: Race in Latin America

1. Haitians Rise (Haitian Revolution

1.1. The Haitian People fought to create a different structure that will give them equality.

1.2. The Haitian Revolution was a slave revolt in the French colony of Saint-Domingue, which culminated in the elimination of slavery there and the founding of the Republic of Hai

1.3. The elimination of slavery was a huge step in the Haitian Revolution for blacks and movement of inequality

2. Race in Mexico

2.1. Race in Mexico was a mixture of Indio's and Spaniards as well as african slaves. Indians were oppressed.

2.2. Indigenismo was another term that represented the non-indian formulation of the Indian problem. It was construct of white and meztizo during the revlotion.

2.3. Even many indians and mixed races in Mexico were oppressed in but in the bottom of the caste system they still were participates in the Mexican Revolution.

3. Race in Argentina and Cuba

3.1. Similar to Mexico, race in Argentina and Cuba was also a issue . White skin tone in Argentina and Cuba were consider as supremacy in society.

3.1.1. In Argentina most of the population was white and because if that it was successful in "whitening" society , Cuba was not. Cuba tried to followed Argentina nation building but had their troubles along the way.

4. Policy in Brazil

4.1. Brazil had the most slaves than Mexico, Argentina, or Cuba

4.1.1. Brazil came up with the "Whitening Ideal" to progress the Brazilian population from all the slave they had The European immigrants was the solution to the post abolition labor problem and of a more advanced civilzation.