Internet Tools

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Internet Tools by Mind Map: Internet Tools

1. Voki

1.1. Voki is a tool that allows users to not only have fun creating what could be a wild and crazy avatar but also allows students to record their own voice. This could be very useful in a classroom to help students with pronunciation. Best of all, it's free! So, students will little to no income could use it as well.

2. Animoto

2.1. Animoto is an application that allows students to download and create professional style videos. It also allows students to share these videos. This would be a useful tool in a classroom for, say, a classroom presentation. Not all students are comfortable with speaking in front of a class. This tool could help in that area.

3. Google Docs

3.1. A certain professor had us use Google Docs for one of their classes. Not only does it allow the educator to watch the progress of the project, but it also allows for easy sharing among scholars. It might be a good way to keep track of portfolios. Students can work on their projects via a google account and share their work with other students and their educator. It's really fun.

4. Scribd

4.1. This internet tool allows users to upload documents and make them public for sharing. It could be useful in a class research project.

5. MediaFire

5.1. This internet tool is something that I have found useful throughout my college career. It allows me to store all my documents into specialized folders without worrying about losing my flash drive or my computer crashing. After all, the information will still be there on the world wide web. This could be very useful in an educational setting.