Medical Care

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Medical Care by Mind Map: Medical Care

1. Severe Concussions

1.1. Questions

1.1.1. What are the different stages of a concussion? How often are severe concussions mistataken for mild concussions? What are the side effects of a concussion?

1.2. Want to learn

1.2.1. The causes of a concussion The "healing time" for a concussion

1.3. Interests

1.3.1. I am interested by severe concussions because many people commonly suffer from them. Concussions are associated with the brain and skull, which makes me wonder how so many people suffer from them without severe consequences.

2. Internal Bleeding

2.1. Questions

2.1.1. When do the effects of internal bleeding become fatal? What are the signs of internal bleeding? What causes internal bleeding?

2.2. Things to learn

2.2.1. How internal bleeding harms the body. The treatment for internal bleeding. The side effects of internal bleeding, assuming the bleeding was corrected.

2.3. Interests

2.3.1. It seems like many people die from internal bleeding that goes undetected. How does this slip under the radar? Car crashes yield many deaths. In the case of a car crash, many of the deaths are from internal bleeding. I am interested in what, if any, can prevent these deaths from happening.

3. Deciding on a Diagnosis

3.1. Questions

3.1.1. How difficult is it to come to a diagnosis? What is the penalty for misdiagnosing a patient?

3.2. Things to learn

3.2.1. The thought process that goes into diagnosing a patient. What to do when a patient's symptoms don't clearly point to a diagnosis.

3.3. Interests

3.3.1. Popular TV shows such as "Grey's Anatomy" and "House" portray diagnosing a patient in a light that is fictional and unrealistic. I want to see what diagnosing a patient is like in the real world. This seems like something that would require research and I'm interested to see the skill and knowledge that has to go into it.