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Chocolate Milk Website by Mind Map: Chocolate Milk Website

1. Themes

1.1. Brown

1.2. Chocolate Milk pictures

1.3. Colourful

2. What to put in the website?

2.1. Music Videos

2.1.1. Hard to create (1 person)

2.1.2. Good way to show proof about the bands music

2.2. Posters

2.2.1. Advertising their band

2.2.2. Showing their updates

2.3. Album Covers

2.3.1. Genre

2.3.2. Colours

2.3.3. Stands out

2.4. Blogs (updates)

2.4.1. Use blogspot and link it to my website

2.4.2. Will be MY blogspot on what im doing weekly for my ICT plan

2.5. Add a music bar

2.5.1. Automatically starts when their website opens

2.5.2. Good way to promote their music

3. Font?

3.1. Depends on the type of genre the band is.

3.1.1. Heavy Metal

3.1.2. Pop

3.1.3. Country

3.1.4. Indie

3.1.5. Rap

3.1.6. Rock

3.2. Standing out fonts

3.2.1. Comic sans

3.2.2. Calibri

3.2.3. Algerian

3.2.4. Bauhaus 93

3.2.5. Bernard MT Condensed

3.2.6. Arial Black

3.2.7. Maybe even add my own fonts from the web

4. Contacting the band

4.1. Email

4.1.1. More safe but data can be lost

4.1.2. Proof of communicating with the band

4.1.3. Easy to access

4.2. In person

4.2.1. May forget some key points

4.2.2. More direct

4.2.3. Can understand easier

4.3. Phone (telecommunication)

4.3.1. Cost worthy

4.3.2. Mat forget some key points

4.3.3. Can communicate from far distances

5. What i can do for them to promote the band

5.1. Make them play at fairs

5.1.1. Can contact the head of the Island school fair By Email In person Telephone

5.1.2. Different schools? SIS FIS WIS KGV

5.2. Rent out a studio for them to perform and record

5.2.1. Expensive

5.3. Posters around school and/maybe HK?

6. Images

6.1. Relating to their GENRE

6.2. Chocolate Milk

6.3. Colour of the theme

7. Links for the website

7.1. Facebook

7.1.1. Linking each of the band members fbk

7.2. Twitter

7.2.1. Easy way to show their updates

7.3. Blogspot

7.3.1. My blogspot for my weekly plan

7.4. Other websites

7.4.1. Maybe some extra information to add onto the site?