Role as an Academic

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Role as an Academic by Mind Map: Role as an Academic

1. Teaching role

1.1. Learning about students' learning.

1.1.1. To make student learning possible, determine what and how the students learns.

1.2. Creation of a learning environment

1.2.1. New node

1.2.2. It encourged students to think carefully and critically to express their thoughts.

1.3. Institutional commitment

1.3.1. To fulfill the University's goal and prioritie.

2. Adminsitrative role

2.1. Helping the faculty or school to fulfill the University's goal and students' needs.

3. Resaercher's Role

3.1. Conduct research activities to fulfill personal as well as the University's research interest.

3.2. To raise resaerch funding to conduct research for communities as well as industries.

3.3. Presenting in the conferences or seminars to share ideas.

4. Engagement

4.1. To involve with communities

4.1.1. To transfer the knowledge

4.1.2. Provide socially useful outcomes.

4.1.3. Provide support on the issues of mutual concern.