Natural Science Unit 2

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Natural Science Unit 2 by Mind Map: Natural Science Unit 2

1. Nutrients are the substances which plants and animals need in order to live and grow.The digestive system is the group of organs in the body that extract nutrients from food an expel undigested wastee.

2. An adult´s digestive tract is about 9 metres long in total and food can take between 24 and 72 hours to make its way from the mouth to the anus.

3. The digestive system

4. The circulatory system

4.1. Blood

4.1.1. Plasma: Carries nutrients and waste products.

4.1.2. Red Bloods cells: Carry oxygen and carbon dioxide. They give bloods his colour.

4.1.3. White Blood Cells: Fight infection.

4.1.4. Platelets: Help stop bleeding when you cut your skin.

4.2. Blood Vessels

4.2.1. Arteries

4.2.2. Capillaries

4.2.3. Veins

4.3. Heart

4.3.1. Superior Vena Cava

4.3.2. Aorta

4.3.3. Pulmonary Artery

4.3.4. Left Atrium

4.3.5. Pulmonary Veins

4.3.6. Left Ventricle

4.3.7. Inferior Vena Cava

4.3.8. Right Ventricle

4.3.9. Right Atrium

5. The main organ of the circulatory system is the heart, which sends oxygen and nutrient rich blood to all our cells.


6. The Respiratory System

6.1. Trachea

6.2. Alveolus

6.3. Diaphragm

6.4. Bronchiole

6.5. Bronchus

7. .

8. The Excretory System


8.2. Renal Arteries

8.3. Kidney

8.4. Ureter

8.5. Bladder

8.6. Urethra